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Schematic Floor Plan

Leave your measuring tape at home and order floor plans that leverage the spatial data captured in your Spaces to produce a 2D schematic that showcases the property.


Pricing estimate

This estimate serves as a guide only. Additional configuration options may affect the final billed price.


Price         $79.99 


Schematic floor plans are an essential property marketing asset for attracting buyers. When you order a Matterport floor plan, the hard work is done for you so you receive a ready-to-use floor plan without having to measure the entire property by hand. All you have to do is just scan.

Floor plans are marketing ready on delivery and can be customized further. Vector files (SVG) are included which are ideal for your editing the features of the floor plan quickly while maintaining the level of detail.

Measuring Standards

Your floor plans will be measured based on the standards specified in the International Property Measurement Standards (IPMS). Residential buildings are measured according to IPMS Residential 3B Standards with the exception that the floor area of balconies and patios are stated separately to the rest of the building. Office spaces are measured according to IPMS Office standards.

If there are any local standards in your area, please check that these floor plans meet local requirements and use cases.

Scanning practices

In order to maximise the accuracy of your plans, please scan all rooms completely and make sure that you avoid misalignment or other artifacts that result from scanning practices. For more information please see our scanning guides.

Additional Information

  • Spaces must be public to create a Floor Plan. You can check or change this Space’s share settings here. Spaces that aren't public will be delayed until they're made public.

  • Delivery within 2 business days.

  • All room labels are in English.

  • All floor plans are delivered as PNG, PDF and SVG files.

  • Available to all plans, excluding Free and Starter.

  • Models must only contain scans (3D and 360 views) from a Matterport Pro, Pro2, Pro2 Lite or Leica BLK360.

  • Spaces over 10k ft² (929 m²) and less than 25k ft² (2300 m²) are charged as two orders.



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